Meet the Doctor

David Y. Choi, D.D.S

David Y. Choi, D.D.S

Dr. David Choi D.D.S. graduated from University of Southern California Dental School, and he received an additional three years specialty training in an ADA accredited graduate program in Prosthodontics from Loma Linda Dental School.

Credentials and Memberships

  • American College of Prosthodontics
  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association
  • Specializes in Esthetic Restoration and Replacement of Teeth
  • Received three years of additional training after dental school
  • Restore optimum appearance and function to your smile.
Credential logo Credential logo

More About David Y. Choi, D.D.S

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Meet the Doctor

Welcome to our practice! I am proud to serve patients in our community.

The combination of continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to offer you and your family the high level of care you're looking for. My team and I will give you a warm welcome and our ongoing commitment to your dental health.

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What Patients Say About David Y. Choi, D.D.S

I want to commend you on the great job you did on my dental work. In all the time that I can remember, my mouth has never felt better. Your staff is kind and considerate, and courteous, and always had my best interests at heart. The competence of yourself and your staff are amazing, and very much appreciated. Thank uyou very much.

I smile a lot more since I got my new denture.

I used to think that cosmetic dentistry was only for the wealthy and not for the ordinary working man. I was surprised at how affordable it was to get a brilliant and bright smile.

My visit to Dr. Choi has dramatically changed my life for the BETTER and FOREVER. I am no longer afraid to smile like before because my teeth were unattractive. If I had known that cosmetic dentistry was so easy, I would have made the decision to change my life 20 years ago.

David Y. Choi, D.D.S Appointments

(951) 779-8862

(844) 311-3542 Call Now!

(844) 311-3542 Call Today!

(844) 311-3542 Call Us Now!

David Y. Choi, D.D.S Appointments


(951) 779-8862

David Y. Choi, D.D.S

6216 Brockton Ave. Suite 112

Riverside, CA 92506

General Info: (951) 779-8862

David Y. Choi, D.D.S
6216 Brockton Ave. Suite 112
Riverside, California 92506
General Info: (951) 779-8862

Appointments: (844) 311-3542

David Y. Choi, D.D.S Office Hours

  Morning Afternoon/Evening
Mon. 9am - 12pm 1pm - 5pm
Tue. 9am - 12pm 1pm - 5pm
Wed. 9am - 12pm 1pm - 5pm
Thu. 9am - 12pm 1pm - 5pm
Fri. 9am - 12pm 1pm - 5pm
Sat. 9am - 1pm Closed
Sun. Closed Closed

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Practice Services

  • Restorative dentistry to reclaim your natural smile
  • Beautiful cosmetic results
  • Cosmetic dentistry with natural results
  • Fix chips, cracks and stains
  • Aesthetic dentistry for beautiful results
  • Natural-looking partial dentures
  • Youthful looking dentures
  • Dentures that look great and last
  • Affordable dentures
  • Natural looking false teeth
  • Permanent dental implant crowns
  • Implants - the alternative to dentures
  • Dental implants for long term dental health
  • Secure, natural-looking implant dentures
  • Natural-looking dental implants

Riverside Dental Implants: A Permanent Solution for Damaged Teeth

At David Y. Choi, D.D.S we can replace bridges, dentures, and gaps with beautiful and permanent dental implants - and help make a life-changing difference in your social interactions and everyday activities. We also provide dentures, cosmetic dentistry and wisdom teeth.

When you choose natural-looking, affordable implant dentistry you'll not only get the winning smile you've always dreamed of, you'll also regain the confidence to once again smile, speak, eat, and laugh freely.

Tooth implants permanently solve the unsightly and often uncomfortable damage to teeth caused by decay, disease, trauma, or the natural misalignment, shape and color of your teeth.

Call now for an appointment with Riverside implant dentist Dr. Choi at (951) 779-8862 or just fill out our simple online form. Don't let the cost of dental implants keep you from getting the care you deserve. We'll be happy to work with you to find affordable options.

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David Y. Choi, D.D.S

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General Info: (951) 779-8862

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